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Issuing invoices to Biomotorai

5 steps to get paid for used oil

VAT-Invoice template


Invoice template


Thorough accounting

We use a business management and accounting software “Directo” in our line of work. We use it for route planning, keeping detailed records of the collected oil and providing reports for you at the end of every month. The advanced accounting system ensures that every litre of the collected oil will be precisely accounted for and paid for on time



Advanced transport management

All our cars are equipped with an advanced transport management system. We can identify the location of our tugboats at any point in time, this allows us to optimize our routes and collect the oil on time.




Frequantly asked questions

The collection of oil does not cost you anything. On the contrary, we pay you for every litre of used oil.

We provide our service across Lithuania. We collect oil even from the outermost townships.

Yes, we bring and place the containers for collection of oil free of charge. Capacity of a container is entirely dependent on your needs. Capacity can vary from 30, 60 to 1,000 litres.

We settle with you within 7-10 days from the date of the invoice issue.

We provide you with a detailed report every month in which you can find the detailed information on the amount of collected oil, oil quality and the exact sum for the invoice.

Yes. We thoroughly inspect the quality of the oil after collecting it. Highly polluted oil with food waste or with higher quantities of water is cheaper.

We do not offer separate collection of food waste services. We provide collection services for small amounts of food waste to the clients that we collect used oil from.

No, you can not. Catering waste, according to State food and veterinary service director’s order (2012 06 12, Nr. B1-466), has to be collected, properly stored and handled over to waste management company.