Why is it important for HORECA sector companies to separately collect used cooking oil?

The hotel, restaurant, and café sector (HORECA) is a significant part of the economy. However, in providing food and accommodation services inevitably, a lot of waste is generated, including used cooking oil (UCO). Proper management of used cooking oil contributes to environmental protection, public health, and even provides economic benefits. Why is it so important to ensure proper disposal of used cooking oil, and what are the consequences if this is not done?

Environmental impact

One of the main reasons why used cooking oil should be collected separately is its impact on the environment. For example, if poured into the sewer system, it can damage wastewater treatment facilities and enter water ecosystems or even water bodies, posing a threat to wildlife.

Used cooking oil is a renewable energy source, that can be recycled and used in the production of another product – biodiesel. Such biodiesel is considered a cleaner alternative to fossil fuel, as it reduces greenhouse gas emissions, decreases the carbon footprint, and promotes sustainability. Therefore, the HORECA sector, by separately collecting used cooking oil, can significantly contribute to reducing environmental pollution and promoting the meaningful use of renewable energy sources.

Public health

Improper disposal of used cooking oil also poses a risk to public health. Clogged drainage systems can lead to unsanitary conditions, promote pest breeding, and the spread of diseases. HORECA sector companies, that ensure separate collection of used cooking oil and responsible disposal, directly contribute to ensuring public health.

Economic benefits

Separate collection of used cooking oil can also provide economic benefits to HORECA sector companies. Biomotorai specialize in the collection and recycling of used cooking oil, often financially compensating for the used cooking oil and in some cases providing removal service free of charge. This not only reduces waste disposal costs for our clients, but also creates an additional revenue stream for HORECA sector companies. Furthermore, by producing biodiesel from used cooking oil, support is also provided to the green economy, as it creates jobs and promotes innovation in renewable energy technologies.

Compliance and reputation

In addition to other incentives, HORECA sector companies are also legally obligated to properly collect and dispose used cooking oil. Failure to comply with these requirements can result in fines and other legal troubles for companies. Furthermore, ongoing efforts to achieve environmental sustainability can strengthen a company’s reputation among consumers, who increasingly value environmentally friendly practices. This not only increases the loyalty of existing customers, but also helps attract new ones.

Separate collection of used cooking oil in the HORECA sector is not only an environmental requirement, but also a beneficial practice, that provides long-term benefits to society, nature, and economy. It is crucial, that representatives of the HORECA sector pay attention to responsible waste disposal. Collaboration between HORECA sector companies and Biomotorai ensures responsible waste management, the use of renewable energy resources, and a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

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