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Recycling of used cooking oil

About us

“Biomotorai” – the leader of used cooking oil collection and processing in the Baltic region. Over 2 000 customers in Lithuania and Latvia- cafes, restaurants, hotels, food production and trading companies, similar businesses, that produce used cooking oil waste, trusts us. Used cooking oil we also buy from neighbouring countries, process it and exported to the European Union countries.
We are certified under the Renewable Energy Directive 2009/28 / EC, which means that each our customers, transferring used cooking oil to us, contributes to the reduction of renewable energy and greenhouse gas emissions (CO2), because used cooking oil is used in production of biofuel.
In our activity we apply the latest and most modern technologies, which allow our clients to order conveniently transportation of waste by mobile app, to quickly formalize transfer by e- consignment, to receive a detailed report on the quantities and quality transferred, and to receive payment to the bank account quickly.
Sustainable, responsible and effective activity is our measure of success, promise and commitment to our customers.