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Recycling of used cooking oil

About us

We are an international oil recycling company offering environmental solutions. We collect used and new oil not suitable for human consumtion (food waste) from catering facilities, stores, hotels, bakeries and food production companies and, with the implementation of the industry leading technologies, recycle it into raw materials of biofuel.

We are aiming to achieve maximum use from secondary utilisation of energy resources, therefore, we invest into the development of the recycling technologies in order to achieve an effective and safe secondary utilisation of waste polluting the environment.

Sustainable, responsible and effective work – the measure of our success, promise and responsibility to our clients.

We collect used oil across Lithuania and Latvia, also purchase it from neighbouring countries and export it to other countries of the European Union.


You do not have to take care of your used oil any more – we collect it safely and promptly.
You get paid for every litre of oil.
The used oil is revived for a second life – after recycling it becomes fuel.
We adhere to the strictest environmental and quality requirements in our line of work.
A modern and innovative accounting system enables us to provide precise services and payments to you.
We constantly invest into the improvement and development of our services.